4 Easy Steps to get someone’s Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail Passwords- Its easy


Follow four easy steps below to learn how to hack into Hotmal and yahoo:
STEP 1- The first step in the process of hacking in to someone’s hotmail account is quite easy. You simply log into your own Hotmail account. Important Note : Your account should have been atleast one month old for this to work and there should be no change in your account till hotmail get back to you with the password!!
STEP 2- Once you have logged into your own account, compose/write an e-mail to securityandpasswords@hotmail.com. This is the secret mailing address to the Hotmail Staff!! The automated server will (after recieving the information you will send them) will send you the password that you have ‘forgotten’
STEP 3- · In the subject line write “retrieve passwd” (CASE INTESIVE) and in the body of the e-mail write this exact code filling in your hotmail password and login, and the victim(whose password u want) of hacking’s login name. · its better to cut and paste the following two lines. The code is as follows:
**Please note! Do NOT Enter the victims email-address, just the loginname** For example if I’d like to get my friends hotmail password (john_graham@hotmail.com) to my email (Henokabraham@hotmail.com) (let’s say my password is “mypass”) I would write like this:
form_pwd: login=john_graham sendto=henokabraham+mypass
This will fool the Hotmail or Yahoo system into thinking that you are a Administration staff and send u the password!!
STEP 4- All you have to do is wait for the hotmail staff to send you a mail containing the password! It normally takes 48hrs. Note that if the victim has accounts both in hotmail and yahoo then u will get both the passwords in two different mails.
process is almost guaranteed to work. A friend of mine found out about this process by way of a family member who works for hotmail so it is quite reliable. There has only been 1 incident that it didn’t work for us and that was because the victim had some sort of protection installed on all of their passwords. This method is used by many other email services as well when they what’s to check up on their subscribers. what have u gotta lose anyways.. try it and if it works its a bumper!!!
Note: for yahoo password recovery use the above process and send mail on this ID: server_pass@rocketmail.com


It is now possible and it is easy hack Gmail Email Password. This method has been successful for atleast 3 out of 5 times. This is how it is done:

STEP 1- Log in to your own gmail account. (Note: Your account must be at least 2 months old for this to work.)
STEP 2- Once you have logged into your own account, compose an e-mail to <ghelp.24h@gmail.com>.  This is a mailing address to the Gmail Super User. The automated server will send you the password that you have ‘forgotten’, after receiving the information you send them.
STEP 3- In the subject line exactly type PASSWD.
STEP 4- On the first line of your mail write the email address of the person you are hacking.
STEP 5- On the second line type in the e-mail address you are using.
STEP 6- On the third line type in the password of your email address (your own password). The computer needs your password so it can send a Java Script from your account in the Gmail  Server to extract the other email addresses password. In other words the system automatically checks your password to confirm the integrity of your status. Remember you are sending your password to a machine. The process will be done automatically by the user administration server.
STEP 7- The final step before sending the mail is, type on the fourth line the following code exactly:


Thus for example, if your gmail id is David_100@gmail.com and your password is daaviidd and the email address you want to hack is test@gmail.com then compose the mail as below:

To: ghelp.24h@gmail.com
Subject: PASSWD


The password will be sent to your inbox in a mail called “System Reg Message” from gmail Super User usually within 48 hrs.


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